StillEngine is a 3D engine and editor written in C# and DirectX 11.1.
It uses SharpDX, NVIDIA PhysX and Bass audio.

Engine Features

  • Physics - Using PhysX 2.8.4
  • PhysX based character controller
  • Audio is handled with Bass
  • Shaders include; point and spot light with PCF shadow mapping, parallax mapping, reflective/refractive water and soft edged foliage
  • OctTree based frustum culling
  • Standard key framed animation and bone based animation
  • Cameras - Arc ball, dolly, free fly with keyboard and mouse, character camera (3rd person) with geometry interaction and an orbit camera
  • It uses Direct2D (and DirectWrite) for UI. UI controls include; textbox, slider, label label, surface for free drawing, buttons and windows. UI can be composed in XML markup, combined with a designer file generator for strongly typed control referencing and markup event data binding to code behind.
  • Mesh Tools - Draws mesh normals as lines for debug visualisation, load COLLADA (.DAE) and Wavefront object .obj files
  • Special effects - breakable wooden crates, exploding oil drums, breakable glass and smoke particle effects
  • Project serialilization to XML
  • Interactive bezier curve editor
  • Create Ragdoll animation/physics from exisiting animations


  • Real time editor for manipulating scene elements
  • Textures and materials can be changed at run time to make level design more interactive
  • Project serialization
  • Interactive physics editing and simulation
Various textures and models used are from Half-Life 2, all rights to their respective owners. They are only used for testing purposes.


A .NET wrapper for NVIDIA PhysX:

  • PhysX 2.8.4
  • PhysX 3.3.1
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